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Hynes, William J. ed.

Mythical trickster figures : contours, contexts, and criticisms - Tuscaloosa, AL University of Alabama Press c1993 - x, 265p.; bibliog. refs.; bibliog.; index

1 William J. Hynes and William G. Doty - Introducing the fascinating and perplexing trickster figure. 2 William G. Doty and William J. Hynes - Historical overview of theoretical issues: the problem of the trickster. 3 William J. Hynes - Mapping the characteristics of mythic tricksters: a heuristic guide. 4 William G. Doty - A lifetime of trouble-making: Hermes as trickster. 5 Laura Makarius - The myth of the trickster: the necessary breaker of taboos. 6 Mac Linscott Ricketts - The shaman and the trickster. 7 Christopher Vecsey - The exception who proves the rules: Ananse the Akan trickster. 8 Robert D. Pelton - West African tricksters: web of purpose, dance of delight. 9 Robert S. Ellwood - A Japanese mythic trickster figure: Susa-no-o. 10 William J. Hynes and Thomas J Steele - Saint Peter: apostle transfigured into trickster. 11 T.O. Beidelman - The moral imagination of the Kaguru: some thoughts on tricksters, translation and comparative analysis. 12 Anne Doueihi - Inhabiting the space between discourse and story in trickster narratives. 13 William J. Hynes - Inconclusive conclusions: tricksters--metaplayers and revealers

'...contributes significantly to the literature of this important subject. It presents in a single volume a variety of approaches and draws upon a wide veriety of cultures. The introductory chapters, which develop typologies and grapple with methodological issues, together with the bibliography give the book lasting value.'




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