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Krueger, David W

Body self and psychological self : a developmental and clinical integration of disorders of the self - New York Brunner/Mazel c1989 - xi, 173p.; bibliog. refs.; index

Section 1 - Development. 1 Developmental origins of the body self. 2 Body self to psychological self. Section 2 - Psychopathology. 3 Pathological sequences in body self disorders. 4 Psychosexual manifestations of self pathology. 5 Body self and psychological self integration through adolescence. 6 Eating disorders: a model developmental arrest of body self and psychological self. 7 The "parent loss" of empathic failures asnd symbolic restitutions. Section 3 - Treatment. 8 The vicissitudes of effectiveness in self-development. 9 Self disorders: a dynamic paradigm of psychopathology and psychotherapy. 10 Therapeutic applications in disorders of the self

'The author's central thesis is that an individual's healthy, mature sense of self contains, at its core, a cohesive, distinct, and accurate body self. The author emphasizes aspects of body self and psychological self, their normal integration, and their pathological nonintegration. The special clilnical focus is on patients with difficult-to-treat problems, such as eating disorders, narcissistic pathology, addictions, impulse disorders, and psychosomatic disorders.'




Personality disorders
Medicine, Psychosomatic
Body Image
Mind and body therapies
Self concept

RC455.4.S42 K78 1989
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