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Soli�, Pierre

Mythanalysis - Wilmette, IL Chiron Publications c1998 - x, 117p.; ill.; bibliog. refs.

Orig. pub. as Mythanalyse Jungienne by Les Editions ESF, Paris.. Transl. by Margaret Jewett with the assistance of Ronald G. Jalbert.. Foreword by Elie G. Humbert

Foreword - Elie G. Humbert. Part 1 - Mythanalysis defined. 1 Laura's case, or the return to the land of Egypt. 2 Myths about life, sex, and death: the myth of Isis and Osiris. 3 Dialectical models: cannibalism and agape. 4 The Babylonian myth of Marduk and Tiamat. 5 Laura's return. Part 2 - Mythanalysis applied. 6 Nocturnal dreaming: manifestation of objective psychic reality and witness to its transformation. 7 Thed psychotherapist as sacred prostitute of nighttime and daytime dreams. 8 Geo-history: political, imaginary, and therapeutic. 9 Therapeutic literature. 10 A return to myth

'...paying particular attention to two myths about the Great Mother that are meaningful to him: those of Tiamat and Isis. He analyzes these myths using several developmental diagrams and proposes the concept of chiasma to account for the crossovers where psychological changes take place....' --Foreword




Symbolism (Psychology)
Jungian psychology
Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961

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