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Franz, Marie-Louise von 1915-1998

The way of the dream : Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz in conversation with Fraser Boa - 1st ed., 3d printing - Toronto, ON Windrose Films 1990 - xix, 361p.; ill.; index

* Index under "dream" lists 292 different dream subjects. Based on the documentary film series The way of the dream, produced and directed by Fraser Boa.. Edited by Fraser Boa, Jenny Donald.. Addl. editing by Ross Woodman, Marion Woodman

Preface and introduction - Fraser Boa. Part 1 - Introduction. 1 Descent into dreamland. Part 2 - The basic psychology of C.G. Jung. 2 Charting the unconscious. 3 The structure of dreams. 4 The living symbol. Part 3 - Dreams of our culture. 5 The ladder to heaven. 6 The forgotten language. Part 4 - The psychology of men. 7 Our shadow knows. 8 The devouring mother. 9 Slaying the dragon. 10 Looking through the moon. 11 The inner bride. Part 5 - The psychology of women. 12 Hell has no mirrors. 13 The hanged man. 14 The tyrant. 15 Flying through roofs. 16 The inner guide. Part 6 - On relationship. 17 Liberation of the heart. 18 Liberation of relationship. Part 7 - The self. 19 Dreams of a lifetime. 20 The maker of dreams

'In this book, Jung's foremost living successor, Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz, explains and demonstrates the scientific theory of dream analysis. Based on her research of over sixty-five thousand dreams, Dr. von Franz concludes that the healthiest thing human beings can do is pay attention to their dreams."Dreams show us how to find a meaning in our lives, how to fulfil our own destiny, how to realize the greater potential of life within us." --Preface



Symbolism (Psychology).
Jungian psychology
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Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav) 1875-1961
Franz, Marie-Louise Von 1915-1998--Interviews
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