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Ric�ur, Paul

Freud and philosophy : an essay on interpretation - New Haven, CT Yale University Press c1970 - xiii, 573p.; bibliog. notes; index - (The Dwight Harrington Terry Foundation Lectures on Religion in the Light of Science and Philosophy: 38) .

Translated by Denis Savage.

Book 1 - Problematic: the placing of Freud. 1 Language, symbol, and interpretation. 2 The conflict of interpretations. 3 Hermeneutic method and reflective philosophy. Book 2 - Analytic: Reading of Freud. Introduction - How to read Freud. Part 1 Energetics and hermeneutics; the epistemological problem in Freudianism. 1 An energetics without hermeneutics. 2 Energetics and hermeneutics in The Interpretatin of Dreams. 3 Instinct and idea in the "Papers on metapsychology". Part 2 - The interpretation of culture. 1 The analogy of dreams. 2 From the oneiric to the sublime. 3 Illusion. Part 3 - Eros, thanatos, ananke. 1 The pleasure principle and the reality principle. 2 The death instincts: speculation and interpretation. 3 Interrogations. Book 3 - Dialectic: a philosophical interpretation of Freud. 1 Epistemology: between psychology and phenomenology. 2 Reflection: an archeology of the subject. 3 Dialectic: archeology and teleology. 4 Hermeneutics

'In this book are revealed Ricoeur the philosopher of language; Ricoeur the critic of Freud; and Ricoeur the theologian of religious symbol. The author is outstanding in all three roles, and the book that emerges has rare depth and complete relevance.'



Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939
Symbolism (Psychology)

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