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Franz, Marie-Louise von 1915-1998

Problems of the feminine in fairytales The feminine in fairytales - 1st rev. printing, 1979 - Dallas, TX Spring c1972, 1979 - 200p; index - (Seminar series) .

Fairy Tale: Handless Maiden (Interpretation) : p70-93; also see index under hands. Lectures based on a seminar at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Winter Semester 1958-59. Formerly a pub. of the APC of NY. Transcribed by Una Thomas. Ed. by Patricia Berry. Index by Daryl Sharp.

'We have then to start with a paradox: feminine figures in fairy tales are neither the pattern of the anima nor of the real woman, but of both....It is a fairly good guess to say that some fairy tales illustrate more the real woman and others the man's anima, according to the sex of the last person who wrote down the story....' --Ch. 1



Tale: Handless Maiden (Interpretation)
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