Max and Lore Zeller Library Catalog
Matthews, John, 1948-

The grail; quest for the eternal - New York Crossroad c1981 - 96p.; illus.; bibliog. - (The illustrated library of sacred imagination) .

1 Quest for the eternal:. The legend: its origins and development. The Maiden Makeless: Mary and the grail. The stone vessel: the grail in alchemy. The temple of the mysteries. The priest king and the grail. The grail within. 2 Plates. 3 Themes: annunciation; messengers and bearers; the vessel; sacrifice; the Fisher King; rebirth; circles of infinity; grail and temple; the round table; voyage; quest for the grail; grail and stone; alchemy; attainment. 4 Sources and further reading.

'Cup, stone or jewel, however it is portrayed, the Grail has remained a symbol of spiritual wholeness leading to union with the divine, which has been the aim of seekers after truth in every land and every century. It is a symbol "whose home is properly in the uncharted country of the soul..."; with 118 illus., 15 in colour.'




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