The golden ass of Apuleius; the liberation of the feminine in man

Franz, Marie-Louise von 1915-1998

The golden ass of Apuleius; the liberation of the feminine in man - Rev. ed - Boston/London Shambhala c1992 - 246p.; bibliog. notes; bibliog. - (A C.G. Jung Foundation book) .

Orig. in a series of lectures at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, 1966.

1 The life and times of Apuleius. 2 The two companions and the tale of Aristomenes. 3 Lucius meets Byrrhena, Fotis and goat skins. 4 The ass. 5 Amor and Psyche I. 6 Amor and Psyche II. 7 Psyche's tasks. 8 Charite, Tlepolemus, and the chthonic shadow. 9 The ass in service of many masters. 10 Lucius returns to himself. 11 The goddess Isis. 12 Matter and the feminine.

'Like almost all folk tales, this one contains mythical substance that was excluded from the mythology recognized by the dominant culture....The most fascinating aspect of it is that, along with its abundance of mythical traits asnd contexts, it represents a development whose content is precisely the liberation of the individual from the primordial mythical world, the freeing of the psyche....'




Apuleius. Golden Ass.
Psychoanalysis and literature
Jungian psychology
Isis and Osiris
Mother Archetype
Psyche and Eros
Mythology--Psychological aspects
Marriage, Sacred

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