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Campbell, Joseph (1904-1987)

Tarot revelations - San Francisco Alchemy Books c1979 - ix, 294p.; ill.; bibliog. notes

By Joseph Campbell and Richard Roberts. Introduction by Colin Wilson. Gnosticism : p39-285.. Hermeticism : p39-285.. Alchemy : p39-285.. Alchemical Symbolism : p101-64.. Zosimos : p125-31.. Numbers (Irfe) : 'Numerical relations in the major arcana,' p65-80 and ' Numbers as archetypes,' p80-100.. Descent To The Underworld : p101-25.. Symbolism of Ascension : P133-64.. Symbolism of Labyrinth : P231-43.. Horus (Egyptian God) : p244-51.. Mithraism : p201-220.

Part 1 - Exoteric Tarot. Joseph Campbell - Forward. Joseph Campbell: Symbolism of the Marseilles deck. Part 2 - Esoteric Tarot. Colin Wilson - Introduction. Richard Roberts - Symbolism of the Waite/Rider deck

'According to legends, if the twenty-two cards of the Tarot Major Arcana are placed in the correct arrangement so that they can be read meaningfully not only horizontally but also vertically, then their relation to one another will be apparent, and their deepest esoteric meanings will be revealed.' --Richard Roberts



Numbers (in Religion, Folklore, etc.)
Numbers, symbolism of
Voyages to the otherworld
Symbolism of Ascension
Waite, Arthur Edward (Iii)
Symbolism of Labyrinth
Horus (Egyptian deity)
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