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Campbell, Joseph (1904-1987)

Historical atlas of world mythology, V.1 (in 1 volume): The way of the animal powers - San Francisco Alfred van der Marck c1983 - 304p; ill.; maps; bibliog. notes; indices

Distrib. by Harper & Row.

Part 1 - Prologue. The mythological dimension. The living ground. The awakening of awe. The peopling of the earth. Part 2 - Mythologies of the primitive hunters and gatherers. Early hunters of the open plains. Living people of the equatorial forest. Part 3 - Mythologies of the great hunt. The great west-to-east dispersal. North American twilight of the paleolithic great hunt. .

'Campbell, the internationally-recognized authority on mythology, here begins his "One Great Story" by recounting the mythic origins of the cosmos and of time itself. Drawing upon fragments from preliterate traditions, the latest scientific findings, and the most authoratative scholarship, he recounts a compelling portrait of our hunting-and-gathering ancestors.'




Hunting and gathering societies
Indians of North America--Religion and mythology.
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