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Saunders, Nicholas J

The cult of the cat - London/New York Thames and Hudson c1991 - 96p.; illus.; bibliog. - (Art and imagination) .

1 The cult of the cat:. -Under the spell of the cat. -Predators in the landscape. -Of humans and felines. -Hunters of the spiritual realm. -Symbols of royalty and power. -The cat in iconography and religion. -Fabulous, cat-like beasts. -Tamed but free. -"The sign of the cat". 2 Plates. 3 Themes: spirit of the jaguar; cat worship; power and the pelt; the royal foe; sphinxes and winged beasts; the lion of war; guardians and emblems; witchcraft; training and taming; the heraldic lion; astrology and superstition; cat characters; the cat as companion; skinned; the sign of the cat.

'Cats belong to a supernatural world of potency and prowess. They are survivors, the creatures most at home in their environment, the fastest and most successful predators on earth...Between the feline and the human worlds has developed a mysterious rapport expressed in magic, in folk belief, and in the continuing presence of countless millions of pet cats as the objects of everyday worship; with 130 illus., 16 in color.'




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