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Becker, Ernest

Escape from evil - New York Free Press c1975 - xix, 188p; bibliog.; index

Anthropos : The primitive world: ritual as practical technics. The primitive world: economics as expiation and power., p.6-37.. Marx, Karl : Social theory: the merger of Marx and Freud., p128-145.. Freud, Sigmund. 1856-1939 : Social theory: the mixture of Marx and Freud., p128-145.

'Escape From Evil surveys man's social development, brilliantly fusing history, anthropology, and psychology, to trace the rise and development of ritual and religion, power, and politics, and magic and money in man's cultural flight from death into evil.'



Politics and Culture
Good and Evil
Anthropos (the Greek word)
Marx, Karl
Freud, Sigmund. 1856-1939
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