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Rogers-Gardner, Barbara

Jung and Shakespeare; Hamlet, Othello, and the Tempest - Wilmette, IL Chiron c1992 - 118p.; notes; bibliog.; index - (Chiron monograph series; 7) .

Shakespeare, William. 1564-1616 : Hamlet : p5-38.. Shakespeare, William. 1564-1616 : Othello : p39-75.. Shakespeare, William. 1564-1616 : Tempest : p76-108.. Anima and Animus : see index.. Marriage : see index.. Shadow (Psychology) In Literature : see index.

'Because theater is clearly active imagination from a particularly creative mind, polished into art, the Jungian approach to Shakespeare is rich and satisfying. We learn a great deal about the individual plays, about Shakespeare, and about human nature. Archetypal theory and literature have a great deal to offer each other.' Libby Lee Colman, author of The Father and Pregnancy: The Psychological Experience

Paperback (Katerbound)



Shakespeare, William. 1564-1616--Knowledge--Psychology
Archetype (Psychology) in Literature
Psychology and literature
Jungian psychology
Shakespeare, William. 1564-1616 : Hamlet
Shakespeare, William. 1564-1616 : Othello
Shakespeare, William. 1564-1616 : Tempest
Anima (Psychoanalysis)
Animus (Psychoanalysis)
Shadow (Psychology) in Literature
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