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Collins, Alfred 1943-

Fatherson; a self psychology of the archetypal masculine - Wilmette, IL Chiron Publications c1994 - 158p.; illus.; bibliog. refs.; bibliog.; index

Kohut, Heinz : Fatherson mutuality: Kohut and the self object, p25-48.. Twain, Mark : The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : see index.. Film : Rebel Without A Cause : p2.. Pirsig, Robert : Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance : see index.. Caro, Robert : The Years of Lyndon Johnson : p114-19, 121-22.. Balder (The Word) : see index under Baldr.

1. The archetypes' contested self. 2. Fatherson mutuality: Kohut and the Selfobject. 3. Psychoanalytic fathers and their sons. 4. cross-bodying: Anima and Fatherson as complementary archetypes of consciousness. 5. the failed father: old reprobates and their sons. 6. Fatherson and the King. 7. de/centering and cultural cannibalism. 8. initiating the Father through death. 9. toward an archetypal Self psychology.

'In the modern postindustrial West, discord and neglect seem increasingly to dominate the father-son relationship, to the point that for many men the father-son bond has been disrupted, or was never adequately formed in the first place.'




Masculinity (Psychology)
Tales--Psychological Aspects
Literature--Psychological Aspects
Mythology--Psychological Aspects
Archetype (Psychology)
Fathers and Sons
Kohut, Heinz (1913-1981)
Beauty and the beast (Tale)
Bly, Robert
Freud, Sigmund. 1856-1939
Hillman, James
Twain, Mark
Inden, Ronald B.
Initiation Rites and Ceremonies
Bly, Robert
Iron John
Jung, Paul
Shakespeare, William. 1564-1616 : King Lear
King Archetype
Love--Psychological Aspects
Masculine Principle
Feminine Principle
Moore, Robert
Mother Archetype
Perry, John Weir
Psyche, Objective
Motion Pictures--Psychological Aspects
Dean, James, 1931-1955
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881
Pirsig, Robert
Father Archetype
Archetype (Psychology)
Johnson, Lyndon
Balder (Norse deity)

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