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Wilmer, Harry A.

Understandable Jung; the personal side of Jungian psychology - Wilmette, IL Chiron Publications c1994 - xix, 269p.; illus.; bibliog.; index

Preface by Mary Wilmer. Typology (Psychology) : p58-67.. Unconscious : p20-26; p70-77.. Analytical Psychology and Dreams : p88-162.. Shadow (Psychology) : p163-82.. Transference and Countertransference : p183-94.. Archetype (Psychology) : p196-233.. Wise Man Archetype : p247-48.. Wise Woman Archetype : p247-48.




Jungian psychology
Types, Psychological
Jungian psychology
Dream interpretation
Shadow (Psychology)
Transference and Countertransference
Archetype (Psychology)
Wise Man Archetype
Wise Woman Archetype

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