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Markman, Roberta H

The flayed God; the Mesoamerican mythological tradition; sacred texts and images from pre-Columbian Mexico and Central America - 1st ed - San Francisco HarperSanFrancisco c1992 - xvi, 456p.; plates; illus.; bibliog. notes; index

By Roberta H. Markman and Peter T. Markman. Front cover titled as The flayed God; the mythology of Mesoamerica; sacred texts and images from pre-Columbian Mexico and Central America. Indians of Mexico - Includes sacred texts.. Creation Myths - Mayan (Indians of Central America) : p67-68; p78-80; p97-119.. Creation Myths - Aztec : p65-67; p72-78; p120-47.. Creation Myths - Mixtec : p69-72; p149-51; p180.. Creation Myths - Izapan : p154-56.. Serpent (In Religion, Folklore, etc.) : see index under feathered serpent.. Fertility rites

1. Introduction: The historical framework. 2. The figure of the goddess: the mythological images of the village cultures. 3. Of time, space and earth: the mythology of the urban tradition. 4. The fourfold unfolding: the myths of creation. Introduction. Maya creation myths. Aztec creation myths. Mixtec creation mths. An Izapan creation myth. Cosmological images. 5. Flayed gods, snake women, and were-jaguars: the myths of fertility. Introduction. The flayed god. The great goddess. The gods of rain and storm. 6. Feathered serpents and hero twins: the mythic structure of rulership. Introduction. The mythic paradigm of the ruler. The Maya hero journey. The Aztec Hero journey. The migration myth in its Aztec embodiment

'Without question the book on the Mesoamerican mythological tradition. The Markmans are not only knowledgeable through primary texts and the work of other scholars, they are comparatists who are at ease with an interdisciplinary approach.' Ron Smith, Professor Emeritus of English, Utah State University




Indians of Mexico--Religion
Indians of Central America--Religion
Indians of South America--Religion
Mythology, Mesoamerican
Indians of Mexico--Rites and Ceremonies
Sacrifice, Human
Jaguar--Religious aspects
Gods & goddesses
Space and Time
Serpent--Religious aspects

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