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Edinger, Edward F. 1922-1998

The mystery of the coniunctio; alchemical image of individuation - Toronto Inner City Books c1994 - 110p.; illus.; bibliog. refs.; bibliog.; index - (Studies in Jungian psychology by Jungian analysts; 65) .

Alchemy - Texts: Rosarium : A psychological interpretation of ten Rosarium pictures.. Symbolism of Sun Tree and Moon Tree : see index.. Opposites : see index under opposites. separation, union. Lectures transcribed and ed. by Joan Dexter Blackmer. Material was 1st presented in lectures at the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, October 19-20, 1984.

'...Dr. Edinger demystifies both the coniunctio and Jung's writings about it in two illustrated essays.'




Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav) 1875-1961. Works : Mysterium Coniunctionis
Marriage, Sacred
Rosarium Philosophorum
Alchemy--Psychological aspects
Jungian psychology
Dream interpretation
Symbolism of Water
Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav) 1875-1961. Works: Psychology of the Transference
Symbolism of Sun
Symbolism of Moon
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