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Stein, Murray 1943-

Practicing wholeness; analytical psychology and Jungian thought - New York Continuum c1996 - 237p.;bibliog. refs.; bibliog.; index

'A Chiron publication.' Jelliffe, Smith Ely : Dr. Jelliffe invites Jung to lecture in Fordham's International Extension Course in Medicine (1912). Jung stays at Jelliffe's home, p47; p49-50.. Marriage : In an interview to the New York Times, Jung stated: ' American wives have thrown themselves into social activity because they are not happy with their husbands' - 1912, p47-48.. Archetype (Psychology) : 'Archetypal theory supplements but does not supplant instinct theory for Jung': - p50, p50-53; see also index.. Milton, John. 1608-1674 : Paradise Lost : The pattern of envy and sibling rivalry in myth and religion, p206-207.. Aggressiveness (Psychology) : Freud's view, p82-84; Jung's view, p83-84, see index.. Gnosticism and Psychology : Jung's interest in, p21-22, see index.. Mother Archetype : 'The great mother', see index.. Persona (Psychology) : Jung's definition of, p184-185, see index.

Chapters:. Part One: Psychological wholeness in theory and practice. 1. The dream of wholeness. 2: Practicing wholeness with dreams and imagination. 3: Symbols as transformers of the psyche. 4: From Freud to Jung and beyond, turning points in modern psychological and religious attitudes. 5: Practicing wholeness in organizations. Part Two: Practicing wholeness clinically. 6: Nature and the analytic practice of wholeness. 7: Amor Fati: Analysis and the search for personal destiny. 8: Dreams in the creation of personal narrative. 9: The analyst's part: three types of countertransference. 10: The muddle in analysis (Communication). 11: In the grip of sleep (The analyst fights to withstand drowsiness). 12: On the state of the soul in the narcissistic personality. 13: Envy and sibling rivalry as blocks to wholeness

'Practicing wholeness is a daily activity with implications at cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Stein gives a general concept of wholeness, incorporating Jung's theory of instincts and archetypes.'




Whole and Parts (Psychology)
Jungian psychology
Jungian psychology
Dream interpretation
Signs and Symbols
Organizational Behavior
Fate and Fatalism
Transference and Countertransference
Psychotherapist and patient
Narcissistic Personality
Sibling Rivalry
Jelliffe, Smith Ely 1866-1945
Archetype (Psychology)
Milton, John. 1608-1674 : Paradise Lost
Active Imagination
Anima (Psychoanalysis)
Animus (Psychoanalysis)
Borderline Personality Disorder
Symbolism of Breast
Depression, Mental
Ego (Psychology)
Mother Archetype
Individuation (Psychology)
Meaning (Psychology)
Persona (Psychology)
Power (Philosophy)
Projection (Psychology)
Psyche, Objective
Symbolism of Body

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