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Fideler, David R. 1961-

Jesus Christ, sun of God; ancient cosmology and early Christian symbolism - 1st ed - Wheaton, Ill Quest Books c1993 - xviii, 430 p.; illus.; bibliog. notes; bibliog.; indices

Cumont, Franz. 1868-1947 : Cumont's theory of Mithraism based on Persian roots has undergone major revision since 1970 in favor of a constellational theory.. Symbolism of Bull : Ch. 6.. Astrology - Precession of The Equinoxes : see index under Precession .... Numbers (In Religion, Folklore, etc.) : See index under numbers, gematria, Logos, mathematics, number canon, arithmology.. Orphism : see index under Orpheus, Orphic Writings, Orphism.. Hermes Trismegistus : Emerald tablet; symbolism; see index.. Apollo (Greek Deity) : god of sun, logos and harmony; see index.

Chapters: Cosmology and the search for unity - 1. In the beginning: philosophy and initiation in the ancient world - 2. Gematria: the secret language of the Christian mysteries - 3. The solar logos: the 'Word of the Sun' in Hellenistic mysticism and cosmology - 4. The harmony of Apollo: the origins of Gematria in ancient Greece - 5. The Miraculous Feeding of the Five Thousand and other mysteries of the New Testament - 6. The Gospel of John and the Gnostic tradition - 7. New light on the Mithraic myteries - 8. The birth of the Aeon: Christianity and the renewal of time - 9. The Orphic Christ and the 'New Song' of Christianity - 10. The harmony that was, is, and ever shall be - Appendix I. The Miraculous Catch of 153 Fish in The Unbroken Net - II. The hymn of the pearl

'...focuses on the pre-Christian idea of the Logos, the pattern of Harmony which was seen as underlying the order of the universe, and which some of the earliest Christians identified with the figure of Jesus, the avatar of the Christian faith. As such, this is not a book about the historical Jesus, but shows how, in antiquity, Jesus and other divine figures were represented as symbolic personifications of cosmic principles.'




Bible. Apocrypha
Church history--Primitive and early church
Christianity and Other Religions
Cosmology, Ancient
Cumont, Franz. 1868-1947
Symbolism of Bull
Symbolism of Sun
Sun (In Religion, Folklore, etc.)
Stars (In Religion, Folklore, etc.)
Numbers (In Religion, Folklore, etc.)
Plato. 428-347 B.C.
Pisces, Age of (Astrology)
Hermes (Greek deity)
Hermes Trismegistus
Apollo (Deity)
Aion (Greek deity)
Hymn of the Soul
Bible. John

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