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Jung, Emma Rauschenbach, 1882-1955

The Grail legend - NY G. P. Putnam's Sons c1970 - 452p; plates; bibliog.; index.

By Emma Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz.. Transl. by Andrea Dykes.. Published for the C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology.. Originally published in German under the title ``Die Graalslegende in psychologischer sicht'' by Rascher, Zurich, in the series Studien aus dem C. G. Jung Institut, Zurich. Symbolism of Sword : p79-97.. Symbolism of Vessel : p113-41.. Symbolism of Stone : p142-60.. Gauvain : p228-52.. Boron, Robert De: Roman De L'Estoire Dou Graal : p302-16.. Trinity and Trinities : p317-30, 338-46.. Anthropos : p331-37.. Quaternity : p338-46.. Merlin : p347-99.


Chretien, de Troyes, active 12th century
Wolfram Von Eschenbach
Symbolism of Sword
Symbolism of Vessel
Symbolism of Stone
Gawain (Legendary character)
Robert, de Boron, active 13th century
Trinity and Trinities
Anthropos (the Greek word)
Psychoanalysis and literature
Jungian psychology
Arthurian romances
Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Mythology--Psychological aspects

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