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Cowan, Lyn

Masochism; a Jungian view - 1st ed - Dallas, TX Spring c1982 - x, 137p.; bibliog. notes

Analytical Psychology and Emotions : p35-73, 80-82, 128-29.. Sexual Deviation : p11-27.. Penitentes : p21-27.. Emotions : p35-73, 80-82, 128-29.. Eros : p59-61.. Psychology and Alchemy : p63-75.. Martyrs and Martyrdom : p76-94.. Guilt : p80-82.. Prometheus : p89-94.. Dionysus : p95-114.. Punishment : passim.. Ananke : p116-21.. Fate and Fates : p115-21.

1 The possibilities of perversion; deflection: masochism and modern American psychotherapy. 2 Humiliation, or Getting down to basics. 3 Pleasure, or The play's the thing; deflection: Eros as sadist. 4 Mortification, or Alchemical masochism; deflection: The contract as sadist. 5 Martyrdom, or The mania of misery; deflection: Prometheus, a mythological case study. 6 Dionysus, or The madness of masochism. 7 The fateful move in masochism. 8 Masochistic exhibitionism: a command performance

'Combining precise clinical descriptions with a wealth of cultural and mythic evidence, this book offers a radically new theory of masochism.'




Jungian psychology--Religious aspects
Mind and Body
Sexual Deviation
Alchemy--Psychological aspects
Martyrs and Martyrdom
Dionysus (Greek deity)
Ananke (the Greek word)
Fates (Mythology)
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