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Laughlin, Tom

Jungian theory and therapy - Los Angeles, CA Panarion Press c1982 - xxiii, 358p; bibliog. notes.; bibliog.; index. - (Jungian psychology; 2) .

Assisted by Robin L. Hutton. Emotions : p167-81, 306-18, 329.. Anima and Animus : p201-17.. Dreams : p232-48, 306-18.. Mother Archetype : p272-77.. Hunger -- Psychological Aspects : p36-38, 278-305.. Animus : p295-305.. Work : p265-69.

1 The instinctual psyche. 2 Jung's instinctual psychology and the rote Jungians. 3 Jung's model of the instincts. 4 Three central issues in Jungian psychology. 5 Jungian psychobabble. 6 A scholarly approach to Jung's work. 7 Why the need for authentic Jungian guidelines?. 8 The current state of Jungian psychiatry and analysis. 9 Identifying the authentic Jungian. 10 Instincts--the vital core. 11 Instincts as inborn patterns of behavior. 12 Instinct, ego, and the self. 13 The relationship between instinct, archetype, and complex. 14 Instincts and archetypes as both biological and spiritual. 15 The biological origin of consciousness. 16 Instincts as foundations of all human behavior. 17 The archetype as a beginning, middle, and end. 18 The instinct's need for a total pattern. 19 The biological origins of consciousness and spirituality. 20 Nature and spirituality. 21 Jung's views "On the nature of the psyche". 22 A summary review of the instincts. 23 Instincts and the emotional psyche. 24 The "empty and valueless" words of rote Jungians. 25 The danger of rote Jungian therapy. 26 How Jungian psychobabble violates Jung's natural psyche. 27 Rote analysis: the perils of losing contact with the instinctual psyche. 28 Dreams: pictures of the instincts. 29 Making one's neurosis one's vocation. 30 The primary task of Jungian analysis. 31 The hidden "doctor" within the instinctual psyche. 32 The mother instinct defined. 33 The damaged instincts in anorexia. 34 Developing a healthy animus in the anorectic. 35 Emotions and instincts the key to dreams. 36 The self needs the ego to become conscious. Epilogue: The secret rote Jungian in each of us



Jungian psychology
Archetype (Psychology)
Anima (Psychoanalysis)
Animus (Psychoanalysis)
Jungian psychology
Dream interpretation
Mother Archetype
Hunger--Psychological Aspects
Animus (Psychoanalysis)
Work--Psychologival Aspects
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