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Edinger, Edward F. 1922-1998

Archetype of the Apocalypse; a Jungian study of the Book of Revelation - Chicago, IL Open Court c1999 - xx, 222p.; illus.; appendices; bibliog. notes; bibliog.; index

Ed. by George R. Elder. see index under numbers for symbolism of numbers 1-10, 12, 24, 666. see also quaternity.. animals: beast, bird, dragon, fish, frog, toad, horse, lamb, lion, locusts, peacock, ram, scorpions, snake, serpent. cities: Babylon, Jerusalem, Rome, New York City

Chapters:. 1. The grand final catatrophe. 2. Revelation: Chapters 1,2,3. 3. Revelation: Chapters 4,5. 4. Revelation: Chapters 6,7. 5. Revelation: Chapters 8,9,10. 6. Revelation: Chapters 11,12,13. 7. Revelation: Chapters 14,15,16. 8. Revelation: Chapters 17,18. 9. Revelation: Chapters 19,20. 10. Revelation: Chapters 21,22. Appendix I. A case history of possession by the apocalypse archetype: David Koresh. Appendix II: The Heaven's Gate cult

Close psychological study of the New Testament Bible's Book of Revelation presents apocalypse as the archetype of the breakdown of existing social structures and the coming of Self into conscious realization.




Bible. New Testament
Criticism, Interpretation, etc.
Jungian psychology--Religious aspects--Christianity
End of the world

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