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Franz, Marie-Louise von, 1915-1998

Alchemical active imagination - Irving, TX Spring Publications c1979 - 116p.; bibliog. refs

Alchemists : Gerard Dorn.. Analysis, Psychological : passim.. Introversion and Extraversion : passim.. Egyptians-Religion : p1-6.. Body (In Religion, Folklore, etc.) : p41-81.. Synchronicity : p44p93-102; lecture III.. Healing : passim. Transcription by Una Thomas of a series of lectures, given at the C. G. Jung Institut, Zurich, Jan.-Feb. 1969, on a text by Gerard Dorn from the ``Theatricum chemicum,'' v1, Strasbourg, 1679. Ed. by Caroline Weening and Cynthia Giles.

1 Origins of alchemy: extraverted and introverted traditions. 2 God-power in matter. 3 The body as problem: redeeming the Christian shadow. 4 Mens and body in the castle of philosophical love. 5 Medieval magic, modern synchronicity. 6 Vir unus/unus mundus



Alchemy--Psychological aspects
Active Imagination
Individuation (Psychology)
Religion and Science
Science and psychology
Individuation (Psychology)
Introversion and Extraversion
Human body--Folklore
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