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Stein, Murray, 1943-

Jungian analysis - 2d ed - Chicago and LaSalle, IL Open Court c1995 - xi, 462p; illus.; bibliog. refs; index - (Reality of the psyche series) .

Ed. by Murray Stein. 1st ed. pub. 1982; 2d ed. completely rev. with new papers.

Part 1 - Introduction. 1 Reflections on the history and practice of Jungian analysis - Joseph L. Henderson. 2 The aims and goal of Jungian analysis - Murray Stein. 3 Spiritual aspects of clinical work - Ann Belford Ulanov. Part 2 - The structure and dynamics of analysis. 4 Establishing and maintaining the analytical structure - Alexander McCurdy III. 5 Dreams and Jungian analysis - James Wyly. 6 Active imagination: synthesis in analysis - August J. Cwik. 7 Transference - Jean Kirsch. 8 Countertransference - Harriet Gordon Machtigher. 9 Gender identity and gender roles: their place in analytic practice - Katherine Bradway. 10 The art of practicing Jung's psychological types in analysis - Thomas Patrick Lavin. 11 Termination in analysis - Boris Matthews. Part 3 - Special topics in analytic practice. 12 Psychopathology and analysis - Donald F. Sandner and John Beebe. 13 Psychopharmacology in Jungian practice - Jeffrey Satinover. 14 Sandplay and Jungian analysis - Louis H. Stewart. 15 Dance/Movement and body experience in analysis - Joan Chodorow [Smallwood]. 16 Ethics - Beverley D. Zabriskie. Part 4 - The education and training of Jungian analysts. 17 Training - David I. Tresan. 18 Analysis in training - Thomas B. Kirsch




Jungian psychology--History
Jungian psychology--Religious aspects
Active imagination
Dream interpretation
Jungian psychology
Jungian psychology
Typology (Psychology)
Psychotherapy--Study and teaching
Transference and Countertransference
Mind and Body
Dance Therapy
Gender identity
Psychology, Pathological
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