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Ibn Umail, Muhammad

Corpus alchemicum Arabicum, Vol. 1A : Book of the explanation of the symbols Kitab Hall ar-Rumuz - 1st ed - Zurich, Switzerland Living Human Heritage Pubs. c2006 - 241p.; bibliog.; index; glossary; diacritical signs - (Corpus Alchemicum Arabicum: CALA IA) .

Psychological commentary by Marie-Louise von Franz.

Part 1 - Introduction. The religious eros in the Arab culture. The loss of the dimension of divine matter. The transition of alchemy into the Western world. A modern view of eros. The life and work of Muhammad Ibn Umail. Part 2 - Commentary on the Hall ar-Rumuz. General reflections. Text and commentary. Part 3 - Ending of Manuscript G, not written by Ibn Umail. Introduction by the editor. Text and commentary. Part 4 - Apparatus

'Muhammad ibn Umail lived most probably in the first half of the 10th century....He wrote works which belong to the mystical-religious branch of alchemy....Ibn Umail tries to describe his inner experience of the stone of the sages with the help of symbols and analogies. The commented on by Dr Marie-Louise von Franz...and the translation is that which she used....The commentator penetrates the enigmatic text with her excellent knowledge of Greek and Latin alchemy, as well as her personal experience of alchemical symbols and the work with people's dreams in her private practice.'



Alchemy--Religious aspects--Islam
Alchemy--Psychological aspects
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