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Segal, Robert A

Theorizing about myth - Amherst, MA University of Massachusetts Press c1999 - 184p.; bibliog. refs.; index

The chapters in this book are revisions of previously published essays and are included with permission of the original publishers.

1 Tylor's theory of myth as primitive science. 2 Does myth have a future?. 3 The myth and ritual theory. 4 The Grail legend as Frazerian myth and ritual. 5 Fairy tales si, myths no: Bruno Bettelheim's antithesis. 6 Jung on mythology. 7 Adonis: a Greek eternal child. 8 In quest of the hero. 9 The romantic appeal of Joseph Campbell. 10 Hans Blumenberg as theorist of myth

'...Perhaps the most remarkable achievement of Segal's erudite survey essays is his uncanny ability to be comparative. H rarely limits his discussion to just one mythologist or to just one theory. Rather he compares the views of two or more mythologists or two or more theories in each discussion. Anyone with a serious interest in myth and especially how the study of myth has evolved during the past two centuries will want to read this book.' --Alan Dundes, UC Berkeley




Myth, Theories of
Mythology and psychology
Jung, Carl Gustav, 1875-1961
Campbell, Joseph, 1904-1987
Bettelheim, Bruno
Frazer, James George, 1854-1941
Mythology and science
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