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Ibn Umail, Muhammad

Corpus alchemicum Arabicum, Vol. 1B : Book of the explanation of the symbols Kitab Hall ar-Rumuz - 1st ed - Zurich, Switzerland Living Human Heritage Pubs. c2009 - 400p.; bibliog.; index; glossary; diacritical signs - (Corpus Alchemicum Arabicum: CALA IB) .

Psychological commentary by Theodor Abt.

Part 1 - The great vision of Muhammad ibn Umail. 1 The need for an introduction to the Hall ar-Rumuz. 2 Was the vision really a vision?. 3 The picture of the vision of Ibn Umail. 4 The transmission of Ibn Umail's vision to the Occident. Part 2 - Commentary on Ibn Imail's Hall ar-Rumuz. 1 Ibn Umail's introduction to his Hall ar-Rumuz. 2 Symbols fo the first and the second stone. 3 Symbols of the worked-upon stone. 4 From the first to the second part of the work. 5 The Eros-quality of the stone. 6 The dyer and the dyed. 7 The container and the contained. 8 Earth and heaven. 9 Fire and water. 10 The different types of seeker. 11 The sister of prophethood. Part 3 - Ending of Manuscript A and B. Part 4 - Apparatus

'This second commentary to Muhammad ibn Umail's Hall ar-Rumuz, written by Theodor Abt, is based on newly found Arabic texts of Muhammad ibn Umail, as well as sources from which he quotes, such as texts of Zosimos, Maria, Morienus, Hermes, etc., which are preserved in Arabic. The Hall ar-Rumuz and these texts confirm C.G. Jung's view of the symbolic nature of alchemy. Some of these neglected, and now for the first time translated texts, allow a better understanding of the religious quest of those highly respected masters....'



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