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[Kluger], Rivkah Scharf. 1907-1987

The image of the marriage between God and Israel as it occurs in the prophets of the Old Testament, especially Ezekiel XVI - New York APC of NY Inc. c1950 - 128p.; bibliog. refs.; 19p.

Read before a meeting of the APC of London, April 7, 1949

'The image of the marriage between God and Israel makes its appearance for the first time in Hosea. Later we come across it in the Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. In a wider sense all texts which speak of Jerusalem as a woman really refer to the same image....But I should like to confine my remarks to those passages in which the conception of the marriage is clearly expressed, since only from these texts can we draw valid conclusions concerning its inner meaning.' --p.1


Bible. Old Testament
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Jungian psychology--Religious aspects--Judaism
Marriage, sacred
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