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Tansley, David V

Subtle body : essence and shadow - London Thames and Hudson c1977 - 96p.; ill. [part col.]; bibliog. - (Art and imagination) .

Man--essence and shadow. The body--temple of man. The threefold way of the spine. The heart--chamber of light. Blood--the mysterious essence. Glands--hierarchy of equilibrium. Descent of spirit into matter. The radiant body. Forms and fields. Chakras--gateways of consciousness. Healing and dynamic balance. Meditation--the inner ascent

'One of the most persistent beliefs held by man throughout the ages is that his physical form is but the reflection of a series of subtler bodies, and that in their totality these invisible, interpenetrating forms reflect the nature of God, the Cosmic Man crucified in space upon the cross of matter.'



Human body--Symbolic aspects
Mind and body
Subtle body
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