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Trachtenberg, Joshua

Jewish magic and superstition : a study in folk religion - New York Behrman's Jewish Book House c1939 - xii, 356p.; ill.; bibliog. notes; bibliog.; glossary; index

Foreword. 1 The legend of Jewish sorcery. 2 The truth behind the legend. 3 The powers of evil. 4 Man and the demons. 5 The spirits of the dead. 6 The powers of good. 7 "In the name of...". 8 The Bible in magic. 9 The magical procedure. 10 Amulets. 11 The war with the spirits. 12 Nature and man. 13 Medicine. 14 Divination. 15 Dreams. 16 Astrology. Appendix 1 - The formation of magical names. Appendix 2 - Ms. Sefer Gematriaot on gems

'...alongside this formal development there was a constant elaboration of what we may call "folk religion"--ideas and practices that never met with the whole-hearted approval of the religious leaders, but which enjoyed such wide popularity that they could not be altogether excluded from the field of religion.'


Magic, Jewish
Medicine, Jewish
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