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Merritt, Dennis L

The cry of Merlin: Jung, the prototypical ecopsychologist - 1st ed - Carmel, CA Fisher King Press c2012 - xvi, 186p.; bibliog. notes; appendices; bibliog. refs.; index - (The dairy farmer's guide to the universe: 2) .

Volume 2 of 4.

1 Jung's formative years and his connection with nature. 2 The dark side of God and "God's World" as nature. 3 Faust, Kant, science, and Nietzsche. 4 The world of psychiatry and Sigmund Freud. 5 Splitting from Freud and the descent into the depths. 6 Philemon and the discovery of the inner woman. 7 Discovery of the self. 8 Alchemy, "the light of nature," and the post-Christian unconscious. 9 Bollingen--an architectural alchemical vessel. 10 Looking at Europe from outside: travels to Africa and America. 11 A passage to India. 12 The holy grail and near death experiences. 13 Fruitful late years. 14 The archetype of life after death. 15 Jung's pagan unconscious and the importance of earthly man. 16 Jung's last dream. Appendix A: William Blake and the English Romantics. Appendix B: The mandala. Appendix C: The anthropos. Appendix D: Merlin and the grail legend. Appendix E: The philosopher's stone. Appendix F: Jung and Mithraism. Appendix G: Jung's eros would and his image of God. Appendix H: Jung's phallic self-image. Appendix I: The conscious feminine

'The four volumes...offer a comprehensive presentation of Jungian ecopsychology. Volume 2...reveals how an individual's biography can be treated in an ecopsychological manner and articulates how Jung's life experiences make him the prototypical ecopsychologist.'



Jungian psychology
Environmental psychology
Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav) 1875-1961--Biography
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832. Faust
Faust (Legendary character)
Kant, Immanuel (1724-1804)
Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm (1844-1900)
Freud, Sigmund (1856-1939)
Anima (Psychoanalysis)
Bollingen Foundation
Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav) 1875-1961--Travels
Blake, William, 1757-1827
Anthropos (the Greek word)
Philosopher's stone
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