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Gubernatis, Angelo de (1840-1913)

Zoological mythology : volumes I and II - New York Arno Press c1978 - Vol. 1 - xxv, 432p.; bibliog. notes Vol. 2 - vii, 442p.; bibliog. notes - (Mythology) .

'Reprint of the 1872 ed. published by Macmillan, New York.'. Two volumes in one.

Volume 1. Part 1 - The animals of the earth. 1 The cow and the bull. 2 The horse. 3 The ass. 4 The sheep, the ram, and the goat. Volume 2. Part 1 - The animals of the earth (continued.). 5 The hog, the wild boar, and the hedgehog. 6 The dog. 7 The cat, the weasel, the mouse, the mole, the snail, the ichneumon, the scorpion, the ant, the locust, and the grasshopper. 8 The hare, the rabbit, the ermine, and the beaver. 9 The antelope, the stag, the deer, and the gazelle. 10 The elephant. 11 The monkey and the bear. 12 The fox, the jackal, and the wolf. 13 The lion, the tiger, the leopard, the panther, and the chameleon. 14 The spider. Part 2 - The animals of the air. 1 Birds. 2 The hawk, the eagle, the vulture, the phoenix, the harpy, the strix, the bat, the griffon, and the siren. 3 The wren, the beetle, and the firefly. 4 The bee, the wasp, the fly, the gnat, the mosquito, the horsefly, and the cicada. 5 The cuckoo, the heron, the heathcock, the partridge, the nightingale, the swallow, the sparrow, and the hoopoe. 6 The owl, the crow, the magpie, and the stork. 7 The woodpecker and the martin. 8 The lark and the quail. 9 The cock and the hen. 10 The dove, the duck, the goose, and the swan. 11 The parrot. 12 The peacock. Part 3 - The animals of the water. 1 Fishes, and particularly the pike, the sacred fish or fish of St. Peter, the carp, the melwel, the herring, the eel, the little goldfish, the sea-urchin, the little perch, the bream, the dolphin, and the whale. 2 The crab. 3 The tortoise. 4 The frog, the lacerta viridis, and the toad. 5 The serpent and the aquatic monster. Conclusion

'In attempting to describe, in three books, the history of the animals of mythology, I do not think it necessary to indicate particularly the primitive domain of the myth; for although the first book bears the title of Animals of the Earth, the second Animals of the Air, and the third, Animals of the Water, there is but one general domain in which all the animals of mythology are produced, and made to enact their respective parts. This domain is always the heavens...' -- Preface




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