Archetypes RSS feed for public list Archetypes An encyclopedia of archetypal symbolism: v.2 The body by Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism An encyclopedia of archetypal symbolism: v.1 [Archetypal themes] by Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism The archetype of renewal : by Bond, D. Stephenson. Celebrate mid-life; Jungian archetypes and mid-life spirituality by Brennan, Anne | Brewi, Janice The archetype of pilgrimage; outer action with inner meaning by Clift, Jean Dalby Archetypal imagination; glimpses of the gods in life and art by Cobb, Noel Field, form, and fate; patterns in mind, nature, and psyche by Conforti, Michael The apocalypse archetype by Edinger, Edward F. Ego and archetype; individuation and the religious function of the psyche by Edinger, Edward F. 1922-1998 The Christian archetype; a Jungian commentary on the life of Christ by Edinger, Edward F. 1922-1998 Archetype of the Apocalypse; a Jungian study of the Book of Revelation by Edinger, Edward F. 1922-1998 Archetypal patterns in fairy tales by Franz, Marie-Louise von 1915-1998 Number and time; reflections leading toward a unification of depth psychology and physics by Franz, Marie-Louise von 1915-1998 Archetypal dimensions of the psyche by Franz, Marie-Louise von, 1915-1998 King, warrior, magician, lover: rediscovering the archetypes of the mature masculine. by Gillette, Douglas | Moore, Robert and Douglas Gillette Archetypal explorations by Gray, Richard M Lectures on Jung's Aion by Hannah, Barbara The `I' and the `not-I'; a study in the development of consciousness by Harding, M. Esther Archetypal psychology; a brief account; together with a complete checklist of works by James Hillman by Hillman, James, 1926-2011 Complex/archetype/symbol in the psychology of C.G. Jung by Jacobi, Jolande The longing for paradise: psychological perspectives on an archetype. by Jacoby, Mario A. 1925- Collected works, v.9, pt.1. The archetypes and the collective unconscious by Jung, C. G. Collected works, v.9, pt.2. Aion; researches into the phenomenology of the self. 2d. ed. by Jung, C. G. Essays on a science of mythology by Jung, C.G (Carl Gustav) 1875-1961. Kerenyi, Karoly (1897-1973) Four archetypes: mother/rebirth/spirit/trickster by Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav) Man and his symbols by Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav) Two essays on analytical psychology by Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav) 1875-1961 Psychological types; or The psychology of individuation by Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav) 1875-1961 Initiation by Kirsch, Thomas B. (1936- ), ed. The archetypal significance of Gilgamesh; a modern ancient hero by Kluger, Rivkah Scharf Archetype, attachment, analysis by Knox, Jean The virgin archetype; two papers by Layard, John Experiencing Jung: Archetypes by Levine, Anson The great mother: an analysis of the archetype by Neumann, Erich Amor and Psyche; the psychic development of the feminine, a commentary on the tale by Apuleius by Neumann, Erich The origins and history of consciousness by Neumann, Erich The hero within; six archetypes we live by by Pearson, Carol S Jungian archetypes : Jung, Godel, and the history of archetypes by Robertson, Robin, A critical dictionary of Jungian analysis by Samuels, Andrew The father; contemporary Jungian perspectives by Samuels, Andrew [ed.] Working with images by Sells, Benjamin, ed The complex by Shalit, Erel Jungian psychology unplugged: my life as an elephant by Sharp, Daryl 1936- Jung's map of the soul; an introduction by Stein, Murray, Archetype revisited by Stevens, Anthony Transforming sexuality; the archetypal world of anima and animus by Ulanov, Ann Belford | Ulanov, Barry Archetypes and strange attractors by Van Eenwyk, John R. The symbolic quest; basic concepts of analytical psychology by Whitmont, Edward Christopher 1912-1998 Hags and heroes; a feminist approach to Jungian psychotherapy with couples by Young-Eisendrath, Polly The father by Zoja, Luigi