Anima / Animus RSS feed for public list Anima / Animus The feminine case World weary woman : by Barker, Cara Goddesses in everywoman; a new psychology of women by Bolen, Jean Shinoda Goddesses in older women; archetypes in women over fifty by Bolen, Jean Shinoda Gods in everyman; a new psychology of men's lives and loves by Bolen, Jean Shinoda Knowing woman; a feminine psychology by Castillejo, Irene Claremont de Women who run with the wolves; myths and stories of the wild woman archetype by Estes, Clarissa Pinkola Animus and anima in fairy tales by Franz, Marie-Louise von, 1915-1998 King, warrior, magician, lover: rediscovering the archetypes of the mature masculine. by Gillette, Douglas | Moore, Robert and Douglas Gillette The inner journey; lectures and essays on Jungian psychology by Hannah, Barbara The `I' and the `not-I'; a study in the development of consciousness by Harding, M. Esther The way of all women; a psychological interpretation by Harding, M. Esther Anima: an anatomy of a personified notion. by Hillman, James, 1926-2011 Under Saturn's shadow : the wounding and healing of men by Hollis, James 1940- The Eden project : in search of the magical other [a Jungian perspective on relationship] by Hollis, James 1940- She by Johnson, Robert A. 1921- Lying with the heavenly woman : understanding and integrating the feminine archetypes in men's lives by Johnson, Robert A. 1921- He by Johnson, Robert A., 1921- Two essays on analytical psychology by Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav) 1875-1961 The stranger in women's dreams by Marcus, Kate Animus aeternus; exploring the inner masculine by McNeely, Deldon Anne Mercury rising : women, evil, and the trickster gods by McNeely, Deldon Anne Uncursing the dark: treasures from the underworld by Meador, Betty De Shong The great mother: an analysis of the archetype by Neumann, Erich The fear of the feminine and other essays on feminine psychology by Neumann, Erich Amor and Psyche; the psychic development of the feminine, a commentary on the tale by Apuleius by Neumann, Erich The hero within; six archetypes we live by by Pearson, Carol S The sacred prostitute; eternal aspect of the feminine by Qualls-Corbett, Nancy Daughters of Saturn; from father's daughter to creative woman by Reis, Patricia Between people; communicating one-to-one by Sanford, John A. The invisible partners: how the male and female in each of us affects our relationships by Sanford, John A. Jungian psychology unplugged: my life as an elephant by Sharp, Daryl 1936- Jung's map of the soul; an introduction by Stein, Murray, The makings of maleness; men, women, and the flight of Daedalus by Tatham, Peter Transforming sexuality; the archetypal world of anima and animus by Ulanov, Ann Belford | Ulanov, Barry Women and men by Wheelwright, Jane Hollister For women growing older; the animus by Wheelwright, Jane Hollister The symbolic quest; basic concepts of analytical psychology by Whitmont, Edward Christopher 1912-1998 Structural forms of the feminine psyche by Wolff, Toni The ravaged bridegroom; masculinity in women. by Woodman, Marion Hags and heroes; a feminist approach to Jungian psychotherapy with couples by Young-Eisendrath, Polly