Animal Symbolism RSS feed for public list Animal Symbolism The Herder symbol dictionary A world of turtles The red swan by Bierhorst, John, ed Animals of the soul; sacred animals of the Oglala Sioux by Brown, Joseph Epes Historical atlas of world mythology, V.1: The way of the animal powers (in 2 volumes): Part 1 - Mythologies of the primitive hunters and gatherers by Campbell, Joseph (1904-1987) Historical atlas of world mythology, V.1: The way of the animal powers, Part 2: Mythologies of the great hunt by Campbell, Joseph (1904-1987) Animal life in nature, myth and dreams / by Caspari, Elizabeth, A dictionary of symbols by Chevalier, Jean Symbolic and mythological animals by Cooper, J.C An illustrated encyclopaedia of traditional symbols by Cooper, J.C Dictionary of symbols and imagery by de Vries, Ad The book of the toad by DeGraaff, Robert M The Aion lectures; exploring the self in C.G. Jung's Aion by Edinger, Edward F. 1922-1998 Melville's Moby Dick; a Jungian commentary; an American Nekyia by Edinger, Edward F. 1922-1998 Women who run with the wolves; myths and stories of the wild woman archetype by Estes, Clarissa Pinkola Rabbits everywhere by Ezpeleta, Alicia The unicorn by Gotfredsen, Lise Zoological mythology by Gubernatis, Angelo de (1840-1913) Barbara Hannah: the cat, dog and horse lectures, and 'The beyond' ; In tune with the unconscious: a portrait of Barbara Hannah. by Hannah, Barbara The archetypal symbolism of animals by Hannah, Barbara Thresholds of initiation by Henderson, Joseph L Wisdom of the serpent; myths of death, rebirth and resurrection by Henderson, Joseph L. Dream animals by Hillman, James, 1926-2011 Animal presences by Hillman, James, 1926-2011 The dragon by Huxley, Francis The spirit of butterflies by Manos-Jones, Maraleen The animal that never was by Megged, Matti Zoo of the gods by Mercatante, Anthony S Snake charm by Nissenson, Marilyn The scapegoat complex: toward a mythology of shadow and guilt. by Perera, Sylvia Brinton The Irish bull god by Perera, Sylvia Brinton The trickster; a study in American Indian mythology by Radin, Paul The raven steals the light by Reid, William Giants, monsters and dragons by Rose, Carol Animal guides in life, myth and dreams by Russack, Neil The oak king, the holly king, and the unicorn by Williamson, John