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100 0 _aMitchell, Rie Rogers
245 0 _aSandplay
_b: one hero's journey (preadolescent male)
300 _aiv, 53p.; ill.; bibliog.; addendum
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337 _a unmediated
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500 _aPrepared in partial fulfillment of the requirements for member5ship in the International Society for Sandplay Therapy.
520 3 _a'This case study analyzes 16 sand trays created over a period of nearly five years by David, who was 7.8 years old and in the second grade when he began therapy. During his journey, he moved from a deeply enmeshed position in his family to become more differentiated and independent. He struggled with difficult regressive forces: his mother's fear and overprotectiveness, his father's anger and rejection of David's timidity in the world, and his own sensitive nature and strong intuitive connection to his mother.'
563 _aPaperback
650 _aSandplay--Case studies
650 _aSandplay--Technique
650 _aSymbolism (Psychology)
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264 _aLos Angeles
_bXeroxed typescript